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STEAM Summer Camp

Spectrum Science and Art Camp spark children’s curiosity, discovery, and creativity through our newly renovated outdoor playground and garden and indoor STEAM Lab environment. Children embark on weekly exploration of STEAM topics, participate in fun hands-on activities, and create personalized projects.





On-Site Weekly Sessions

  • Days: 3 days | 4 days | 5 days per week
  • Sessions: 9:00am - 1:00pm | 9:00am - 3:00pm per day
  • Extended Hours: 8:30am - 9:00am | 3:00pm - 3:30pm | 3:00pm - 4:00pm per day
  • Ages: Age 2 - Age 9 (separate groups)

STEAM Summer Camp Topics

  • June 26 - June 30                    World Travelers: Culture, Architecture & Fashion

    Young adventurers imagine traveling internationally and immerse themselves in various countries and cultures. Children explore famous landmarks, unique fashion trends and lifestyles, and pop culture from around the globe. We will recreate Egypt’s pyramids, build Japan’s zen gardens, and fabricate global fashion trends.

  • July 5 - 7 (3 DAYS)                 Design. Make. Innovate.: Inventing & Engineering

    Young inventors will research various types of engineering from the stone age to the digital age. Children channel their inner engineer to imagine, design, tinker, and play in Spectrum’s makerspace. Children will learn about intelligent and creative engineers and create some of the coolest inventions that forever changed the world.

  • July 10 - July 14                     Mad Science: Simple Chemistry & Experiments

    Young chemists explore and discover how chemistry impacts our daily lives and the world. Children learn basic chemistry and investigate atoms, molecules, and states of matter. Children will explore the scientific method, experiment with crazy chemical reactions, and engage in fun experiments that defy the laws of science.

  • July 17 - July 21                     Backyard Science: Nature Exploration & Living Things

    Young naturalists explore the local flora and fauna of Port Washington’s trails and Spectrum’s lush garden and playground. Children embark on nature walks in search of diverse wildlife hidden in Port. Children will collect live samples, investigate our findings with professional science equipment, and learn to appreciate the great outdoors.

    *Parental permission is required for children ages 4 - 9, 9am - 3pm session to be taken on local nature walks.

  • July 24 - July 28                     Wild Planet: Animals & Phylogeny

    Young zoologists investigate different animals and how wildlife has evolved over millions of years. Children explore animal classification and study the major similarities and differences between species, and why those traits exist. Children will play in our renowned STEAM lab, imagine, and create animal kingdoms using unique materials to reinforce their ideas, skills, and love for animals.

  • July 31 - August 4                 Amazing Earth: Ecology & Zoology

    Young ecologists explore planet Earth’s biomes and examine the diversity of animal and plant life that thrive in rainforests, taigas, deserts, tundras, and grasslands. Children investigate the intricate relationships between animals and their natural habitats, and discover how the need for survival drives animals to adapt in wild ways.

  • August 7 - August 11            Dino-Might: Dinosaurs & Paleontology

    Young paleontologists explore prehistoric times when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Children investigate when, where, and how dinosaurs lived. Children will discover amazing facts about these "terrible lizards," recreate our favorite Mesozoic era, excavate fossils, and answer the age-old question if dinosaurs really are extinct.

  • August 14 - August 18          Outer Space: Astronomy & Cosmology

    Young cosmologists blast off into the cosmos and explore the fascinating mysteries of outer space. Children discover how galaxies are formed, how stars are born, and why nothing can escape black holes. Children will explore the planets of our solar system, map-out constellations, and recreate NASA’s greatest inventions.

  • August 21 - August 25          Natural Beauty: Visual Arts & Geometry

    Young artists investigate how mathematics creates so much beauty in art and nature. Children use various elements of design to create stunning works of art. Children will learn the astonishing connections between mathematics, art, and nature to create unique masterpieces, tie-dyed T-shirts, and more.

Enjoy our outdoor playground with music, movement, sprinklers, sand and water exploration, fruit and vegetable garden, picnic, natural snow cones, and more!


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